28 April, 2010

Monday's surfing school...lunch time.

Everyone at lunch. Having a few laughs & a great time.

Yuki's Surfing School

The morning wave check. Looks like a fun day....ureshii!!!

Ladies are suited up and ready to get some waves.
Watch out guys here we come.

Left to Right
Chie chan, Mayu chan, and Pro surfer Yuki Suzuki.

Picking a good spot to have the surfing school. Making sure the
girls know the surfing rules, we have to respect the local surfers.

Warming up and good stretching is proper so no one gets hurts.

Ready...OK. GO!!

Paddling out.

Chie chan's first wave.

Stand up! Good!

Makoto chan & Kiku, enjoying Kekoa Uemura's new shaped
board. Lucky guys.....new boards! Hoshii!!!haha!

Mayu chan's first waves. Yippie....you go girl!

Chie chan smile for the camera.

Yuki Suzuki giving her students advice. After that, they
surfed well. Chie chan got some hang fives, and Mayu chan
got some very long rides. Great job girls!

Yuki giving a few pointers on how to cross step for nose riding.

Round 2......Start!

Lunch time.

Yuki's teishoku buta don.....oiishikata!

Pro surfer Jason Suzuki eating a jumbo teishoku.
Ramien & Kaarage teishoku....WOW!

Kiku & Jason getting a little funny...haha!

Becareful it's HOT!!hahaha!

Great surfing school & a great day with friends. It was so much fun!
If anyone is interested please see Yuki or Jason Suzuki.
Thank you Ebihara san, Mayu chan, and Chie chan,
Makoto chan, Kiku, and Jason.
Otsukare sama desu...see you all, again. aloha V(o.o)V