02 August, 2009


Surfed Yoshizaki today. Waves were pretty good.
Perfect for longboarding.
Looked like everyone was enjoying their natsumi yasumi
holiday. What a great day to be out in the ocean.

The crowd wasn't to bad either. Fun waves, great weather,
and the water was warm.

Ummhhhh? Which way to go left or right?
haha!   V(O.O)V  &  ALOHA.

Ichinomiya Hanabi Taikai

Got some beautiful pictures of Ichinomiya Hanabi Taikai.
The event started at 7:10pm to 8:45pm, with 5000発
fireworks on display.
Many people watched & cheered as the sky lite up with
amazing colors, and shapes of all sizes!
My favorite was the "heart shaped hanabi"....so pretty!haha!

Hope you all are enjoying your "Natsu Yasumi Holiday".
See you in the ocean & ALOHA