11 January, 2010

New Year's Snowboard trip

Yeeehaw! It's a new year everyone.
Spent my new years vacation snowboarding.
"FUN" trip....yaaatttaa!!!

Riding the ゴンドラ with new fresh powder below my feet.
Nothing is better than "POWDER SNOW"!

Got my snowboard, snow wear, had my morning coffee,
now time to hit the snow.....here I go!

My first warm-up run. Fresh new powder about 80cm.

Practicing my back side turns. Got to show my husband how
its done. I hope he's watching!!hahaha!
Are you taking notes...jason? :) haha!

Second run...RACING jason down the slope. I win.....haha!
1 for the girls, and 0 for the boys! haha!

Oooppsss! Nice wipe-out. Well, got to have one of these.

Got lucky didn't need any chains this time.

Picture of Mt. Jeans 

Picture of Edelweiss. Look at the new snow on the way.
Time for snow fights!!!

Definitely winter, no leaves on the trees.

This little girl is so cute. Looks like a little toy...haha!
Here her mother is trying to teach her how to ski.